The Team


Steve’s imagination has been the inspiration for all of Outrider Studios’ titles to date. He’s the principal author of Edge, Remnants, and Warbirds, who revives classic literary themes to unique and engaging settings. Steve believes that while creating heart pounding stories is up to the GM, the best way for a publisher to help is by crafting a fascinating milieu which can be used to springboard his or her own story. Steve’s Rapidfire System is indicative of how he likes to play. Dice rolling comes second to story and no crunchy rules ever stand in opposition to his vision of fluid gaming. You can see Steve’s personal interests reflected in his work. Remnants were buried in time through his love for robot anime, Edge from his respect for the faith and steel of the medieval era, and Warbirds from his own immersion in the world of fighter planes as a Captain and Air Weapons Controller in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Take a step inside Steve’s gaming philosophy on his blog 



Cait is Outrider’s wearer of many hats. A Writer, World Builder, Networker, Editor, InDesign prodigy, and Book Balancer, she leads the way in every aspect of our publishing efforts. Outrider has become the publisher it is today by Cait’s consular personality. Whether it’s the fans, distributors, artists, convention staff, or the hotel bartender, Cait has opened nearly every door for Outrider to make it the company it is today. But first and foremost, Cait is a gamer who understands what players seek out in their varied gaming experiences and strives to bring the most versatile, heavy hitting games to the Outrider audience at affordable costs. She believes that character is paramount and raises every Outrider bar to ensure that players can create a human experience within our worlds. In her spare time you can find Cait… well, gaming. Console, PC, pen and paper, they’re all in her arsenal and by bringing out the best aspects of each, she makes herself the best of us.





Cameron’s interest in storytelling started early. At six years old, he was quietly jotting in a notebook as big as his torso in a restaurant. When the waitress asked him what he was doing, he had nothing to hide and told the waitress “I’m writing a novel.” Nowadays, Cameron works in new media as a Writer, Web Producer, Marketer, and Game Designer who tries to push the boundaries of existing mediums to tell stories that really matter. Drama is conflict, meant to “entertain and inform” and it is only by climbing the high walls of adversity that people can affect any worthwhile change. Good drama can make a better world. As an editor, writer, game designer, and strategist for Outrider, Cameron uses his creativity  to help us grow as a company and as creators. In his free time (little of it), Cameron crafts screenplays, TV pilots, moonlights on the web, and dreams up new ways to tell stories using anything with a screen or page, all while supporting a healthy Star Wars addiction. Visit over at 



Ashley is a make up artist who specializes in theatrical, old Hollywood, and editorial beauty. As the owner of Hollywood Noir Make Up, a Website and YouTube channel with tens of thousands of subscribers, she has a fervent belief that she was born in the wrong era. The cobblestones of Victorian era England may be where she belongs, but Ashley feeds her unique interests online with the help of many like minded friends near and far. She consults on the web and social presence of Outrider Studios and, from time to time, punches up the art requests using her varied inspirations and expertise . In Ashley’s off time she’s a night owl who loves nothing more than to try solve the Jack the Ripper case, while using make up to turn herself into a wolf, while blaring Nine Inch Nails and binging Penny Dreadful all at the same time. Visit Ash over at 

Hollywood Noir Make Up



Desiree is our dedicated web host and social media manager. She's worked on projects of almost every type from gaming books to fashion brands and she currently runs an Etsy store that features her unique doodles in the form of vinyl stickers called LiquidRuby